eKYC SIM Activation for ONEXOX Prepaid & BLACK


eKYC SIM Activation for ONEXOX prepaid & ONEXOX Black ~ Sila ambil maklum bahawa bermula dari 28 Julai 2020 dan seterusnya, pelanggan yang mendaftar untuk nombor baru pada kad SIM fizikal dan eSIM melalui XOX Online Store untuk ONEXOX Prepaid dan ONEXOX BLACK perlu melakukan pengaktifan SIM eKYC melalui Black Apps.


  1. Untuk mengukuhkan proses semasa on-boarding dan untuk meningkatkan kadar pendaftaran pelanggan yang sah dan tulen.
  2. Untuk memastikan bahawa pelanggan baru itu benar-benar wujud dan akan menggunakan perkhidmatan kami setelah berjaya membuat pengesahan.

Mohon rujuk T&C & FAQ di bawah berkenaan ciri-ciri BLACK Apps yang terkini!

eKYC SIM Activation for ONEXOX ~ Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is eKYC SIM activation?

eKYC stands for ‘Electronically Know Your Customer’. It is an online activation process to verify a SIM card or eSIM that was recently purchased via online.

2. For what XOX MOBILE products do I need to do the eKYC SIM activation?

eKYC SIM activation is applicable for new number registration for the following products on physical SIMcard and eSIM from 28 July 2020 onwords.

  1. ONEXOX Prepaid

NOTE: This activation process is only applicable for new number registrations via online platforms like XOX Online Store and Shopee. For port-in subscribers, you may use your SIM right away upon successfully porting in.

3. Where do I activate my simcard or eSIM?

You would need to download the XOX BLACK APP to activate your sim. You can see the option to activate your SIM in the log in page and the Profile tabeKYC SIM Activation for ONEXOX prepaid and black

eKYC SIM Activation for ONEXOX prepaid and BLACK

4. Can the XOX Activation App still be used for ONEXOX Prepaid eKYC SIM activation?

Yes, it will still be available up until further notice, but do direct subscribers to use the BLACK App for the eKYC sim activation.

5. How do I activate my simcard or eSIM that was purchased via online?

1. For physical SIMCARDS:

physical onexox simcards

For eSIM:


6. Are there any changes to the personal information that the new subcriber needs to submit when registering for ONEXOX prepaid and Black on XOX Online Store registration?

For ONEXOX PREPAID, there are no changes to the personal details; it would follow the existing fields. However for BLACK, there are a few key changes. It would follow the Prepaid fields.

Do find the key changes in table 1


For both products, we have added in a notice in the online store registration page to inform users the information submitted is for delivery purposes only and they would need to download the BLACK App for the eKYC SIM activation.

Fill in your delivery details

Do note the the details provided here is for delivery purposes only. For new sign ups via online, your are required to download the XOX BLACK APP to activate you account via information verification and facial recognition when you receive you SIM

For port in, the fields would remain the same since there is no need for eKYC SIM activation for port in subcribers

7. What about for eSIM registration?

For both Prepaid and BLACK eSIM, upon the subscribers successfully register for a new number, they will receive an email with the instructions to activate their eSIM via eKYC activation.

After the eSIM has been successfully activated, the would receive the QR code totheir eSIM

xox-eKYC simcard activation


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